Learning the lingo

Honoured Queen: Highest ranking officer in the bethel. The girl who runs the bethel meetings and organises functions for the girls.

Daughter: A member of Job’s Daughters International.

Bethel: The meeting place, the name for the local groups e.g. Bethel 4, Sunnybank.

Officer: Refers to positions in the bethel.

Jurisdictional Guardian: The female adult leader of a state e.g. Queensland. They look after the jurisdiction and organise events for the jurisdiction such as sports carnivals and debutante balls.

Associate Jurisdictional Guardian: The male adult leader of a state who assist the Jurisdictional Guardian in her duties.

Supreme Guardian: The female adult leader who runs the organisation on an international level. She visits all the Jurisdictions in the order.

Associate Supreme Guardian: The male adult leader who assists the Supreme Guardian in her duties.

Miss Queensland Job’s Daughter: The daughter who has been selected to represent the state for twelve months and compete in the Miss International Job’s Daughter pageant. She is the link between the adults and daughters.

Jurisdictional Bethel Honoured Queen: A member of Jurisdictional Bethel who leads the Bethel for a twelve month term. She runs the meetings of the state Bethel and keeps the interest of the older girls.

Jurisdictional Bethel: The state bethel for the older girls to help keep their interest in the bethel.

Job’s Daughter to Be: A future Job’s Daughter who has not yet turned ten. Queensland has Senior Bee’s (8-10 years) and Juniour Bee’s (8 and under).

Initiation: The ceremony a new member (pilgrim) goes through to join the order.

Installation: The ceremony which takes place every six months in the Bethel. During this ceremony the daughters take on new positions.

Masonic: Refers to Freemasons. An organisation established for mutual help and fellowship.

Job’s Daughters Queensland

One of the most common questions I get asked whenever I tell someone I’m a part of Job’s Daughters is “what is that?” To answer this question Job’s Daughters is a masonic youth organisation for girls between the ages of 10 and 20.