Jump Rope for Heart

On Saturday the Job’s Daughters of Queensland held a jump rope event to raise awareness of heart disease and to support the Jurisdictional Guardian Council charity for the term which is the Heart Foundation.

Despite the rain clouds the daughters all got up and gave the skipping a go. Some were trying out new tricks while others practiced normal skipping. One of the daughters, Shannon, managed to try 7 tricks including a forward roll between skips. She looked pretty good doing it too! After a while the big ropes came out and some daughters tried running into the skipping rope and others attempted to run through with out stopping to jump.

To finish off the day we played a game of fly with the ropes where you had to jump over the ropes and have only on foot land in each space. Our youngest girl there was the best at this game while I struggled to get my little legs reaching farther enough to reach each new section.

Over the next 30 days I will be participating in a healthy lifestyle challenged recommended by the Heart Foundation which includes activities such as skipping for 10 minutes for 10 days and eating healthy lunches. Our next Jump Rope event is scheduled for the 13th of June where we will skip again and maybe even try out some new tricks!

You can support the members of Job’s Daughter by supponsering us through the below link:


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