Debutante and Charity Ball

On the 30th of May 2015 the Jurisdiction of Queensland held their 51st annual Debutante and Charity Ball at Royal on the Park with all proceeds going towards the Heart Foundation. 1932414_10154209951843538_6247267063392871726_n This year five beautiful young ladies made their debut. All the debutantes looked stunning in their white gowns. The night commenced with the entrance of the dignitaries who were to receive the debutantes which included Most Worshipful Brother Dr Gary Bacon and his wife Mrs Carol Bacon along with Jurisdictional Guardian Mrs Fran Burns and Associate Jurisdictional Guardian Mr Ross Kirk. The distinguished youth of Job’s Daughters were then welcomed into the room and took their seats before the entrance of the two flower girls Lauren Jensen and Stella Harris-Kirk who entered hand in hand and curtsied to the distinguished dignitaries. Before the debutantes were escorted into the room the two senior maids Shannon Forsyth and Natasha Turpin were introduced and welcomed into the room to greet the dignitaries before presenting this years debutantes.


The five debutantes – Bridgette Dorr, Rebecca Rowlings, Talia Gouge, Merideth Foster and Rishanah Heaps – were individually presented to Most Worshipful Brother Dr Bacon by the senior maids. Once the debutante was presented she then had to curtsy to each of the four dignitaries. The maids joined the debutantes on the dance floor for the traditional waltz dance. All danced with grace and elegance fitting for young ladies of society.


Dr Bacon was invited to address the debutantes and guests to which Miss Talia Gouge responded. With the formal part of the evening over the debutantes were escorted out of the room until it was time for them to re-enter and be seated for dinner. After the feasting had begun and the guests were waiting for desert to be served it was time for the cutting of the cake. Miss Rebecca Rowlings was invited to cut the cake and all the debutantes followed. 11295591_10154209951833538_2233288554935316444_nThe cake was beautifully decorated by Mrs Fran Burns in the shape of a love heart with each of the girls names of it. So that each girl was connected to the cake cutting they each held a strip of ribbon which made for a lovely photo. The night ended with everyone celebrating on the dance floor. I think all in attendance would agree that Fran along with the Ball Coordinator Sandra Dorr did a beautiful job in organising this special occasion.



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