Jobie Big Day Out!


On the 8th of June 2015 the Job’s Daughters of Queensland were out in force for their Jobie Big Day Out! Dressed in our purple we took over Aussie World for a day full of fun. This day was extra special as we had our friends from Townsville down to spend the day with us.

Our shirts made us extra noticeable and made several heads turn and even made people stop and ask us “what is Job’s Daughters?” To which we happily answers with information on what Job’s Daughters is and even had the chance to hand out a promotional business card.

The daughters conquered all the rides in the park and managed to drag some of our adult volunteers on them as well. By the end of the day we were just about the only people left in the park and used this to our advantage and continuously went on the rides without having to stop and line up again! The Mozzi Musta was my personal favourite of the day followed closely by the Plunge.

We were led astray by Anna who had been to the park many times and was trying to convince everyone that the rides were “calm and tame”. Unsurprisingly after the first few “tame” rides we figured out she wasn’t to be trusted when it came to the rides. She had our Jurisdictional Guardian, Fran Burns and a Bethel Guardian, Michelle Turpin screaming out her name as realisation hit them on the Rocking Rebel that this ride was neither calm nor tame.

The Plunge refreshed us all with splashes of water pouring into our log as we plunged down the ramp. The water didn’t stop us from returning to this ride several times throughout the day. After all these wild rides we decided to give these adults a break and enjoy a nice relaxing ride on the children’s rollercoaster and tea cups.

The day was a huge success and enjoyed by all those who attended. It was great to get out into the public eye in a fun way and mingle with our friends from around the jurisdiction.


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